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Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Choosing a wedding cake can be a tough decision, and there are so many choices out there with traditional wedding cakes, chocolate wedding cakes, wedding cupcake and gateaux towers being just a few of our many specialties.

At Le Papillon Cakes we try to make choosing a wedding cake simple and stress free. Upon meeting you, we discuss your wedding theme and couple style and work with you to create something unique for your very special day.

Our aim is to make your cake taste simply out of this world whilst simultaneously creating something elegant, but different, from the rest. If you choose Le Papillon Patisserie we can guarantee you nothing but the best service from:

  • Designer wedding cakes
  • Chocolate wedding cakes
  • Dessert wedding cake
  • Personalised tasting session
  • and a focus on flavour as well as design

All you need to do is contact us and arrange a free tasting consultation and start planning your perfect wedding cake today!

Making the right choice

So what makes a wedding cake unique? It's simple: you! There is no point in just choosing straight from a book or magazine and following the crowd! At Le Papillon Cakes we make it a point to capture the right feel for your special day.

Use your personality and style

What's your favourite colour? Is this your wedding colour? Can we use this in your cake? Do you have a theme? Can this be incorporated? How about something personal to you both? We have worked with many couples to find out their personality and style, and we based their wedding cake around those finer details. The same will be for you when you come in for your free consultation as we work together to find out what suits you best.

Traditional, 'Desserty' or Completely Original?

Of course you may prefer to go with something more traditional, and choose to have our Petal Blossom Cake. Or maybe you have French roots and decide a Croquembouche would best showcase your heritage. Or maybe you fancy something more 'desserty' with one of our French or Chocolate Wrapped Gateaux Towers, which is a great option for people who can't decide on flavours as you can have such a wide selection for your guests. Or you can create something completely original for your wedding day.

Tasting Session

We go through each and every detail and make sure that nothing is forgotten. To start the process, we will invite you to a tasting session to try our flavours and fillings, discuss your requirements, go through some ideas and, if we can, design your cake for you right there and then. Our bespoke service guarantees each wedding cake is unique to the bride and groom.

Many couples find designing a wedding cake to be one of the most rewarding parts of the planning process. Your cake is something that starts with a blank canvas and there are no limitations to getting what you want. You may choose something soft and elegant, modern and edgy, colourful and funky - the list goes on to getting what you want.

What you can be sure of when you choose a wedding cake from Le Papillon Cakes is the safe feeling that you will be taken care of by our Master Pâtissier, Neil Thornton.

Why Do Our Customers Love us...

Our customers are our number one priority. The time and love we put in to our cakes shows, and the customers love it.

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